Kicking Horse Canyon Project



Premier's Award  - Innovation 2006/2007

Project Overview Presentation



Due to the size and complexity of the improvements to the highway, the upgrades are being undertaken in four (4) phases.

PHASE 4 - West Portal to Yoho Bridge

The ministry has completed preliminary engineering for Phase 4 and intends to issue a design-build Request for Proposals that would see construction begin in 2019.


The extension of the fourth lane down Golden Hill was delivered by day labour (whereby the Ministry hires local workers and equipment directly) and a major works paving contract (awarded to Dawson Construction Ltd).

A $27.2-million contract was awarded to Emil Anderson Construction Ltd. of Hope, B.C. to design and build the majority of this section.

A $3.89 million contract was awarded to Dawson Construction Limited to complete grading, paving and finishing work for the 4 Kilometre Wall and Approaches.

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These improvements were carried out under a traditionally tendered contract awarded to Ledcor CMI.

Phase 2 - Park (10 Mile) Bridge

The Phase 2 improvements were carried under a performance based-Design / Build / Finance / Operate (DBFO) contract awarded to Trans-Park Highway General Partnership that included:

  • The design and construction of the replacement of Park Bridge and approaches, and

  • The operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of the entire 26-kilometre section of the Trans-Canada Highway between Golden and Yoho National Park.

More information regarding the DBFO procurement of Phase 2 can be found on the PartnershipsBC web site.

Phase 1 - Yoho (5 Mile) Bridge and Approaches

The  Phase 1 improvements were carried out under three tendered contracts:

Contract #1 – Six Mile Rock Cut – Completed in 2002 by Dawson
Construction. Contract value $6.6 million

Contract #2 – Yoho Bridge Replacement – Completed in 2004 by Peter
Kiewit Sons Construction. Contract value $24 million

Contract #3 - Six Mile Hill to Rafters Pullout - Completed in 2006 by Emil Anderson Construction. Contract value $17.2 million.

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